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Improving Access to Quality Medical Testing

The counties making up Western North Carolina have been designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. federal government as medically underserved. This means that either the area or a population in the area does not have adequate access to medical care.

As a part of these communities, CommunityLab is striving to combat the lack of medical laboratory resources in our rural, minority, low-income, and elderly communities.

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Community Partners

Partnering with Western North Carolina Communities

To reach the underserved populations in our community, CommunityLab is proud to partner with local organizations with programs designed to support these populations.

Bucombe County Health and Human Services
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Dogwood Health Trust: A Special Bond

Dogwood Health Trust and Sanesco International, Inc. (parent company to CommunityLab) began their partnership in 2020 to ensure COVID-19 testing in western North Carolina, with special support for the uninsured, as well as rural, underserved and minority populations.

Dogwood Health Trust

More than a Laboratory

Our Commitment to the Communities of Western North Carolina

CommunityLab is not just about access to medical testing.
We are dedicated to supporting our community in other ways.

Creating job opportunities

Creating Job Opportunities

Upon inception in 2020, CommunityLab made a commitment to bring more jobs to the community. We have been hiring ever since.

Creating job opportunities

Diversity in the Workplace

As a minority-owned, small business, in Arden, NC we know the benefits of a diverse workforce are numerous for supporting and connecting with the surrounding community.

Creating job opportunities

Membership in and Sponsorship of Local Organizations

As a part of the North Carolina, CommunityLab believes in supporting and being a part of local organizations. We are members of the North Carolina Biosciences Organization (NCBIO). CommunityLab has been a sponsor of the North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) for years.

Become a Partner

Help your community open and operate safely.
Contact Us for COVID-19 Testing.

Become a Partner

Help your community open and operate safely.
Contact Us for COVID-19 Testing.