Buncombe County, CommunityLab is a regional reference laboratory

Dedicated to Western North Carolina

Overcome Challenges to Reference Lab Support

The clinical challenges of serving the residents of the western region of North Carolina are beyond those of other parts of the U.S., resulting in an official designation of the area as medically underserved. Located in Buncombe County, CommunityLab is a regional reference laboratory here to support your efforts and help you overcome the hurdles of serving all our neighbors including the rural, minority, and low-income communities.

Featured Tests

Meeting the Testing Needs of Local Health  Organizations

CommunityLab offers all the medical testing services of the big national reference laboratories exclusively to the counties of our region. By focusing on serving the western North Carolina region, we provide better turnaround time and overall service.




Molecular UTI

Routine Clinical Testing

Women’s Health

Tuberculosis Testing  at CommunityLab

Toxicology Testing  at CommunityLabToxicology

COVID-19 Testing at CommunityLab

Molecular UTI Testing at CommunityLabMolecular UTI

Routine Clinical Testing at CommunityLabRoutine Clinical Testing

Women’s Health Test at CommunityLabWomen’s Health







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Molecular UTI

Routine clinical testing

Routine Clinical Testing

Regional Laboratory Partnership Services

Advantages of Working with CommunityLab

Ease of use, dependability, and rapid results are essential in providing quality care to your patients. Because we are located locally in Arden, CommunityLab can exceed expectations in some areas while meeting the standards available from national labs.

Medical courier pickup

Schedule a free courier pick-up online for a set recurring time or when you have samples.

24-Hour regional turnaround

time for many assays

Local means immediate access to tests you need with no time wasted on shipping.

Phlebotomy Services

Schedule our phlebotomists to come to your location for specific times or have one placed at your location full time.

Stat testing

Need results fast? We have a wide array of tests available for stat.

Supply management

Order a selection of complimentary collection supplies online. We deliver.

Interface capabilities

We integrate with your EHR.

Online test ordering

Order testing through our secure, HIPAA-compliant account portal.

On-site collection support

We provide staff to collect samples at your location.

Regulatory reporting

Save time and hassle, let us do the regulatory reporting on your behalf.

Multiple payment methods

Insurance, credit, and cash are all accepted. We work with patients to meet their needs.

In-network insurance coverage

We will work with all patients to meet their financial needs regardless of network status.

Proven, Future-Forward Technology

Implementing Technology to Exceed Your Standards

In order to meet your testing needs, we offer cutting-edge processes that enhance efficiency and use resources wisely while allowing for rapid growth. This will allow us to meet the needs of WNC and benefit public health. Our state-of-the-art technology not only provides quality, reliable results it allows us to provide:

  • Rapid turnaround
  • High throughput
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Expanded test offerings
Healthcare page techs running new tech
Healthcare page techs running new tech

Proudly Serving

Local Healthcare Partners

CommunityLab has been proud to support and serve these healthcare facilities and more throughout the pandemic. We look forward to expanding our offerings to further support the health of the Western North Carolina medical community.

Madison Health and Rehabilitation
Bucombe County Health and Human Services
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Ingles Pharmacy
Cherokee Hospital logo